Our Mission


The passing of a child is a very emotionally draining time for parents. According to the US Funeral Directors an average funeral can cost $5000 to $5700 at bare minimum. Most funeral directors will help with the funeral costs, when an infant passes suddenly. This does not include the cemetery cost, grave space, open and closing of the space, or the grave marker/monument. Grave markers/monuments can range from $350 to $3,000 depending on size, shape, color, and inscriptions. Many families do not have adequate life insurance to cover such costs. Most policies cover children for a minimal amount. Many families cannot afford the monument after paying the accumulated costs from the funeral and cemetery.

Our Mission is to help these grieving families, to the best of our abilities, purchase grave markers/monuments to help memorialize their lost infant children. Not everyone can be helped all at once, but with your generous support and donations we can help one family at a time.

How You Can Help